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Streamline your business relationships by sharing a space with your customers and suppliers.

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Contacts with access to the Customer Portal will be able to view business history, leave comments , and download your sales and purchasing documents.

Also, if you have PayPal, Stripe or Square integrated, they will be able to make payments. In case you have the Catalog gem activated, this is where they will display the items for sale.

Invite contacts to Customer Portal

You can personally invite a contact by email. However, in each generated document there is a link to access the portal, as well as in the documents sent with the Basic email template.

  1. Go to Contacts and search for the contact you want to invite

  2. Place the mouse over the logo that appears to the left of the name and click on the + symbol

  3. In the bar that will appear at the bottom of the screen, select Send portal link

  4. In the pop-up window, customize the message and click the Send button

Personalize the use of the Customer Portal

Depending on what you need, for each contact you can: establish an access password , enable the forms of payment integrated, activate access to the Catalog and view your Portal.

  1. Select the contact from the list

  2. Click on the More button to access the contact panel

  3. The details of the Portal are on the left side, just below the contact information

Information available

When accessing the Portal, your contacts will immediately see a summary of all transactions made and pending. From the left navigation bar you can access each section and consult the information in detail.

Clicking on any of the documents will open a new view where you can preview them, download them in PDF, print them, add comments and even pay based on integrated gateways.

Only contacts who have enabled the Catalog option in their panel will be able to place purchase orders and view the products for sale.

Activate integrated payment gateways

With this action, you offer the end customer the option of being able to pay via PayPal , and make the payment through this gateway, or by card, in which case the Payment will be made via Stripe or Square .

  1. Select the contact from the list

  2. Click on the More button to access the contact panel

  3. In the portal section, activate the selectors of PayPal , Stripe , or Square to enable payment through those gateways

Remember that you can match the payment methods that you have integrated with the accounts that you have created at Banks . This will allow the accounting entries of the generated payments to be automatically assigned to the corresponding bank account.

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