Contact Glossary

All the key concepts about the contacts section.

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Custom Fields

These are fields that you can configure to add additional information l to your contacts.



A Company type contact collects Business Name and VAT data.


Tax location

Tax billing address. It is essential for an invoice to have legal validity.



Tax identification number. It allows the identification of people to carry out commercial activities in Spain and is also used for tax relations. For Spanish individuals, it consists of 8 numbers and a control digit. It is essential for an invoice to have legal validity.

Trade name

It serves to identify a company in commercial traffic and distinguish it from other companies that carry out identical or similar activities.

VAT number

Tax identification number necessary to carry out commercial actions with clients from other countries of the European Union.


Payment gateway

Payment gateways allow you to accept payments by transferring money between a merchant's bank account and a payment processor. The gateways available on Holded are PayPal, Square, Stripe, and GoCardless.


A Contact of type Person does not collect Business Name and VAT data.

Customer Portal

Shared space with your contacts where they can consult the commercial history, leave comments, download their sales and purchase documents, pay through payment gateways and view the items for sale from the catalog.



Tags used to mark, sort, and filter your contacts.

Type of contact

Establishing the type of contact will determine the ledger account for each case. There are 6 contact types available: Unspecified, Customer, Supplier, Opportunity, Debtor, Creditor.

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