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Expense Glossary
Expense Glossary

All the key concepts of your purchases from A to Z.

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Expense files

We call expense files those purchase receipts that you manage in your Inbox and that have not yet been converted into expense documents.



Purchases, or purchase invoices, are expense documents that include sender and receiver tax data. Each purchase invoice that you generate will automatically create an accounting entry.

Corrective purchases

Corrective purchase invoices detail any correction or add any necessary data to the original invoice. They are useful in case you need to return merchandise, cancel a certain invoice, or fix an error.

Recurring purchases

Recurring purchases are expenses that are invoiced regularly for the same amount and products, such as rent, and for which you can configure invoices to be generated automatically shopping.


Holded allows you to mark those invoices that you have already paid to make it easier for you to record and track them. You can register as many charges as you need within the same purchase invoice.


You can convert expense files to purchase documents through Inbox, as well as convert a purchase invoice to recurring or rectification and a payroll to recurring.



A return voids or corrects a purchase. You can make returns through corrective purchase invoices.


Smart Scanner

The smart scanner uses an OCR system to automatically capture and extract data from your expense files in Inbox and convert them into purchasing documents.


Deduction date

When creating a purchase, this field indicates the tax period in which you want to deduct the purchase invoice or corrective purchase. It will be the reference date in the tax summary, the tax forms, the expense and purchase reports, the list of expenses, as well as the corresponding SII field ( Deduct in a subsequent period ).



In Inbox you will be able to receive, organize and convert to purchase documents the files that are sent by email to your Inbox address, that you capture with the Holded app or that you save on your computer, such as reports of expenses of your employees. In this area you can also extract the data from your files automatically with an intelligent scanner.


Purchase reports in the section Analytics feed on the data you add when creating purchase invoices, payments and receipts, and entries in Holded. In this way, a financial and economic analysis is carried out in an automated way.



A payroll is the sum of the financial records of employees' salaries, including salaries, bonuses, and deductions. For each payroll created in Holded, an accounting entry is generated automatically.

Recurring Payroll

Recurring payslips are like ready-made drafts to become payslips on a scheduled frequency, useful when employees are paid regularly and their payroll details are identical from one to the next. period to the next.


Smart scan

Smart scan is another name for Inbox's smart scanner.


Purchase orders

Purchase orders are requests or requests for goods or services from a specific supplier, specifying price, quantity, payment and delivery terms, among others. You can create them in the Inventory section.


Purchase ticket

A purchase ticket or simplified invoice is a proof of payment that is issued in purchase transactions made with consumers or end users, and can only be issued in the national currency. It only includes the tax data of the issuer.

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