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What is the Expenses section?
What is the Expenses section?

Discover what Holded offers you to record and centralize all the data about your purchases.

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In the Expenses section you can register new purchases manually or automatically through Inbox, whether they are an invoice , a ticket or a rectifying or recurring purchase. In addition, it is where you can create the payroll of your employees.


Each purchase document created will generate an accounting entry automatically. There are 3 types of documents available in Holded:

  • Purchase invoice
    Legal support for your expenses.

  • Purchase receipt or simplified purchase invoice
    Proof of a payment that only includes tax data from the issuer.

  • Corrective purchase invoice
    It is used to rectify different errors in the original invoice or indicate merchandise returns.

  • Recurring purchase invoice
    Expenses that are invoiced regularly for the same amount and products


Inbox is the functionality that will help you receive , organize and convert receipts to purchasing documents of expenses that are sent by email to your Inbox email address, that you scan from the Holded app or that you have saved in your computer , such as your employees' expense reports

In addition, in this section you can extract the data of your expenses automatically through a system of intelligent scanning .


Holded offers you the option to generate and automate payroll so that they are recorded at an accounting level. Remember that you must first register your employees to be able to assign them.

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