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What is the Sales section?
What is the Sales section?

Discover what Holded offers you to manage each stage of your billing.

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In this section you have all the necessary tools so that you can manage each stage of your sales, from the first contact with a prospect to the final billing.

Sales Documents

Create and customize the different types of sales documents, such as invoices , sales tickets , b> budgets and proformas and send them to your clients directly from Holded.

In addition, you have the possibility to create and manage recurring invoices, useful for automating the creation and sending of your invoices, and corrective sales to correctly record refunds and returns.

Holded billing is also compatible with the new legal digitization requirements: you can process your documents at TicketBai and the SII in addition to manage your electronic invoices .


The Services section allows you to manage all the information about the activities you offer. When creating your service you can include elements that will be reflected in the invoice, such as its name and code, the price per unit, its cost or the taxes applied.

Sales Funnel (CRM)

The Sales Funnel, also known as CRM, is a feature that helps you follow the sales cycle by showing each of the stages of a negotiation, from the receipt of the prospect to the closing of a contract.


POS is the system that allows you to manage and coordinate stores, tills, products and warehouses to make and manage sales in your physical stores .

It consists of an administration panel on the Holded platform, as well as an application for iPad and Android tablets to make sales.

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