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The catalog of tools and resources to customize and enhance the features of Holded

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The Holded Store offers a variety of tools and resources to customize and extend the functionality of Holded. The store is divided into two main modules: Gems and Integrations.


Gems are a type of resource that can be activated to access certain platform functionalities. These include tools for project management, billing automation, payment integration, etc.

Each Gem can be activated or deactivated at any time, allowing you to customize your experience to your specific needs:

  1. Go to Menu > Holded Store, in the upper right corner.

  2. Under "Gems", you will see a list of available gems. Select the gem you want to activate.

  3. Click the "Activate" button to enable the gem.

There are blue gems (free) and red gems (paid), divided by areas so that you can activate those that best suit the needs of your company:

Blue gems (free)

Blue gems are free and complement the different sections of the platform:

  • Recurring invoices: Simply indicate how and when your recurring invoices should be sent and Holded takes care of the rest.

  • Recurring Purchases: Automate recurring purchase invoices and expenses.

  • Invoice Reminders: Using this gem you notify your clients which invoices are pending payment through a personalized message that includes a link to pay. Notifications are sent by email and you can set their frequency and when they should be sent.

  • Reconciliation rules: massively reconcile recurring movements such as receipts, insurance, social security payments, etc. Once the rule is created, Holded will search through all your movements and suggest how to reconcile them or will reconcile them automatically.

  • Proformas: with proforma invoices, you can detail the amount, data, payment method, and expiration date to your clients in a document without tax validity. Once any proforma is approved, convert it into an invoice and incorporate it into your accounting with one click.

  • Sales funnel: this gem helps organize the sales process, accelerates your opportunities, and follows the sales cycle in each of its stages, from the first call to the closing of the contract. It will allow you to detect potential clients and create short-term business scenarios.

  • Time records: time records will help you estimate the hours involved in each project, budget the work appropriately, and define delivery times.

  • Activity scheduler: with this gem, you can share the availability of your calendar through a link and schedule meetings with whomever you want.

  • Cash flow: within the Banks section, you can analyze the liquidity of your business in real-time. Through this gem, you will know how to make payments and continue with your activity without setbacks.

  • Forms: once you activate this gem, in the Projects section you can generate forms to automate the creation of tasks. In addition, you can customize them depending on your needs.

  • Workload: with this functionality, you can check the number of projects assigned to a specific person and control the volume of work of all members of a team.

  • Discussions: through discussion forums, you can offer a communication channel to share opinions and information on any topic related to a project.

  • TicketBai: if you carry out an economic activity in the Basque Country, you can use Holded to comply with the obligation to present your sales invoices to the Foral Treasury.

  • Manufacturing: this gem is a resource whose activation allows the management of manufactured products. You will be able to add lists of materials to your products, create manufacturing orders, and consume materials in each production.

Red gems (paid)

The red gems are paid, and serve to enhance the tools that Holded already offers by default:

  • Pro team: with this Gem, you can centralize your human resources, from time control to new hires, payroll, or vacations. It also gives your team access to 'My zone', the space where they can consult all their documentation and manage their requests.

  • Inventory: if you have a physical store, e-commerce, or you are dedicated to distribution, Inventory helps you with your orders, stock, and warehouses. You will be able to manage variants, lots, or packs, scan or print barcodes, and monitor the complete cycle of your products.

  • POS - Point of sale: with Holded's POS you can make sales in your physical store, control boxes, warehouses and stock, all from the application on your tablet. At the same time, you keep everything connected and follow the evolution of your business in real-time without leaving Holded.

  • Premium Support: receive exclusive attention through direct and priority contact with our expert team and a telephone line available to resolve your business needs.

  • SII (Immediate Supply of VAT Information): if you are registered with the SII, you will be able to send all the records of your invoices issued and received in an automated way.

  • Catalog: If you distribute or are in wholesale sales, you can offer products to your customers, generate sales orders automatically and sell through the Holded Customer Portal.

☝🏼 Please note that not all gems are available for all pricing plans. Some are only available on premium or paid plans. Check the Holded pricing page to see if a specific gem is available on your plan.


Integrations allow you to connect and synchronize your Holded account data in one place with those third-party applications and tools that you are using to manage your company.

Available Integrations

  • PayPal: This integration is used both to charge through the Customer Portal and to send an invoice with the option to pay with PayPal.

  • Stripe: Once you activate payment via Stripe, all your clients will be able to pay invoices from the Client Portal using a credit or debit card.

  • Shopify: Every time you make a sale through your Shopify store, it will automatically be reflected in your Holded account. In addition, you can import products from your store in a few clicks, keep stock levels updated, and synchronize all information.

  • Prestashop: Your sales made through PrestaShop will be reflected in Holded automatically, saving hours of work. In addition, you can import your products in a few clicks and synchronize stock levels between Holded and your online stores.

  • Square - Payments: With this integration, you can optimize the process of collecting your invoices.

  • Wix: Your store data will be synchronized with your Holded account.

  • Woocommerce: Your sales made through WooCommerce will be reflected in Holded automatically. In addition, you can import your products in a few clicks and synchronize stock levels between Holded and your online stores.

  • Amazon: Your sales made through Amazon will be reflected in Holded automatically. You can also import your products from Amazon in 2 clicks and synchronize stock levels between Holded and your online stores.

  • Google Drive: With this integration, you can transfer sales documents created in Holded to your Google Drive account.

  • Google Sheets: If you use Google Sheets in your daily life, you can export the list or record of all the documents created in Holded from Contacts, Sales, Expenses, Team, Products, Projects, Banks, and Accounting.

  • A3: This integration allows you to export all Holded information to a file compatible with A3 accounting software. Additionally, you can choose a specific date range to perform the export and see when the last export was performed.

  • Sage: This integration allows you to export all Holded information to a file compatible with the SAGE accounting software. Additionally, you can choose a specific date range to export and define the number of digits of the accounting accounts to export.

  • GoCardless: By connecting GoCardless you will be able to automate direct debits for the collection of your invoices. Thus, GoCardless, as a payment method in Holded, allows you to configure mandates and direct debit the collection of invoices to the clients of your choice.

  • Dropbox: Synchronize your issued and received invoices with the folder you choose in your Dropbox account, select what you want to transfer, and send invoices, estimates, or proformas.

  • Qonto: Connected banking accounting and finance to control the day-to-day running of your business, and gain maximum visibility of the movements you make in your account with this integration.

  • Payfit: This integration allows you to import the payrolls that you manage through PayFit to Holded and, in turn, export the list of expenses from Holded to PayFit. In this way, the information is related and you can control all your expenses from the payroll section in Holded.

  • Square - Sales: When you set up Square as a payment method, your customers can pay invoices with a credit or debit card from the Customer Portal. This allows you to receive payments the next business day.

  • Drift: Connect your Holded account with Drift through Zapier and add new leads.
    Google Contacts: Sync your Holded account with Google Contacts through Zapier and import your contacts automatically.

  • Google Forms: Create contacts in Holded from your Google forms through Zapier.

  • Intercom: Connect your Holded account with Intercom through Zapier.

  • Hubspot: Connect your Holded account with HubSpot through Zapier.

  • Eventbrite: Eventbrite event attendees can be added as contacts through Zapier.

  • Landbot: Connect your Holded account with Landbot through Zapier.

  • Magento: Connect your Holded account with Magento through Zapier.

  • Mailchimp: Your new Mailchimp subscribers can be added as contacts in Holded through Zapier.

  • Pipedrive: Connect your Holded account with Pipedrive through Zapier.

  • ShippyPro: ShippyPro will help you print your sales labels automatically. Your Holded sales order data will be synchronized every 15 minutes with your ShippyPro account and you will be able to print shipping labels.

  • Sendcloud: Sendcloud is a platform to automate order shipping. It will help you import orders from your online store, offer different carriers and track returns. This way you will improve the service and increase the conversion of your online sales.

  • Zapier: You can link your Holded account with more than 5,000 apps you use every day. This way you can automate tasks and create more efficient workflows.

  • Bizum: This integration allows your customers to make payments quickly and securely through the Bizum platform, simplifying collections and providing a convenient way to settle invoices.

Find more information about all the integrations available in Holded in this section.

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