What is Holded?

Introduction to Holded: an all-in-one business solution

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Holded is an ERP, a cloud management platform for small and medium-sized businesses that offers a wide range of tools to manage the day-to-day running of your business.

The platform is designed to be easy to use, allowing companies to be more efficient and productive, by automating repetitive tasks and facilitating decision making.

From accounting or billing, to inventory control or project management, Holded helps you monitor all aspects of your business in one place.

Lead the sale of your products and services

  • Organize your client and supplier portfolio

    Registering your contacts will be the first step to work with the platform, since these are essential to create documents.

  • Automate your billing processes

    From Sales, you will be able to monitor everything that refers to your sales documents, such as invoices or budgets.

  • Trade your products and monitor your stock

    Inventory allows you to monitor the complete cycle of your products and control your stock. Activate the Inventory Gem if you need to manage your inventory in a more advanced way.

  • Promote your services

    The Services section , within Sales, allows you to coordinate all those activities or benefits that you are providing and that do not consist of the production of material goods.

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Coordinate your expenses, banks, and finances

  • Record your expenses

    Expenses allows you to account for your purchase invoices, either manually or through our automatic scanning system that you will find in Inbox.

  • Manage your bank accounts

    Banks allows you to manage everything that refers to your bank accounts and transactions. This way, you will be able to have a much more detailed and centralized view of your accounting.

  • Plan your finances

    Direct from Accounting everything related to your accounting accounts, journal, assets, profit and loss, and balance sheet, so you can control your financial status in real time.

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Monitor your staff and projects

  • Monitor your employees

    The section Team allows administrators to add employees and manage their information and payroll. Employees can request absences or log hours worked in a dedicated section. The Gem Team Pro offers advanced staff Administration.

  • Run your projects

    From Projects You will be able to create and track all your projects and facilitate communication between the members of your team involved in each of the tasks.

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Set up your account and analyze your business

  • Customize your company and user profile

    From Your company profile and user, you will be able to manage your account data and configure everything related to billing address, and other preferences.

  • Check your reports

    The area of Analytics allows you to consult reports and data related to your objectives and taxes, so you can understand what is happening in your business quickly and easily.

  • Add functionality with Holded Store

    The Holded Store offers tools and resources to customize and extend the functionality of Holded, divided into Gems and Integrations. Gems can be free or paid, while Integrations synchronize your Holded account data with external applications and platforms for managing your business.

    Gems can be free or paid, while Integrations synchronize your Holded account data with external applications and platforms for managing your business.

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Additional resources

To begin to familiarize yourself with the platform and its functionalities, Holded puts the following resources at your disposal:

  • Holded Academy

    Academy is designed so you can learn how to use Holded tools effectively. It contains materials on the various areas of the product, including all types of articles, such as getting started guides, frequently asked questions (FAQs), video tutorials, and other materials to help you resolve your doubts.

  • Webinars

    Holded webinars are free and live sessions where experts teach you how to use the platform, covering topics such as billing, expense control, inventory, etc. You can watch previous webinars at any time and your own pace.

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