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Sales Glossary
Sales Glossary

Find the definition of the terms used through the sales functionalities

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Customer relationship management system, which allows companies to manage and analyze their interactions with customers.



Numbered sales document stating the goods or services offered, their cost, and the date (among other details)

Corrective invoice

A document used to correct errors or changes to a previously issued invoice.

Recurring invoice

An invoice that is issued regularly to the same customer, for example, every month or every year.



Point of sale or point of sale terminal, is the system or device used in stores and businesses to record and process commercial transactions.


A document used to estimate the cost of a project or activity, and which serves as the basis for negotiation and decision-making.


A document issued before an invoice detailing the cost of the goods or services to be supplied.



Through the Immediate Information Supply (SII), billing records are sent directly, both in the case of issued and received invoices. Therefore, this makes it possible to manage the VAT registration books through the AEAT Electronic Office.



TicketBAI is a system implemented by the Euskadi Provincial Councils to digitally record all the income made by natural and legal persons who carry out an economic activity in the Basque Country.

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