How Inbox works

Discover how this functionality helps you centralize and convert your expenses into purchase documents.

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With Inbox you will be able to receive , organize and convert vouchers for expenses into purchase documents that they send by email to your Inbox address, that you scan from the Holded app or that you have saved on your computer .

Receive the files in Inbox

There are three ways to receive proof of expenses:

  1. Upload manually
    Upload your files from your device by dragging and dropping them into your Inbox space or by tapping the button Up . These types of files cannot exceed 5 MB.

  2. Send an email to your Inbox address
    Receive the files by email in your Inbox. The maximum size of each file is 17 MB and if this limit is exceeded, the sender will receive a warning by email.

  3. Get your files from the mobile app
    With the Holded app, available at Android or iOS , you can take a photo of the receipts to appear in your Inbox automatically

The only supported formats are PDF, JPEG, TIFF and PNG . Once received, you can what type of file it is, its origin, the status, the date it was received and the sender.

Convert your file to a purchase document

You have three different options to convert your files into a purchase document:

  1. Scan to automatically capture data

    In this case, the purchase document to be generated will have the Draft status mode activated by default so that you can modify it as many times as you need before approving it.

  2. Attach the file to an existing purchase document

  3. the data or create a new purchase document from scratch

You can choose between Purchase , Purchase Order , Ticket or Return .

Understanding file states

When converting files, there are several stages until the process is complete.

  • New
    This is when a file has just been received. You can choose to scan the latter to create a document, transcribe the data manually, or delete the file.

  • Duplicates
    The system tags the file as a duplicate when a name and size match one already received.

  • Processing
    The file is being processed on the system and no actions can be taken.

  • Pending verification
    The file has been processed and is pending approval or modification.

  • Error
    An error occurred while processing the file.

  • Finished
    The document has been created and is available in the system.

  • Queued
    The file is in the queue waiting to be processed.

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