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Transfer stock between warehouses
Transfer stock between warehouses

Move product units from one warehouse to another

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After having created additional warehouses for your products, you can move stock between them by following these steps:

  1. Go to Inventory > Dashboard control, from the navigation bar

  2. Locate the Operations area, and click "Transfer Stock":

  3. Select the origin and destination warehouse, the date on which the movement will take place, and add a brief description, if you need it

  4. Select your product using one of these options:

    • Search by name or SKU

    • Select it from the "Product List" button

    • Scan your barcode

  5. Specifies the amount of products to transfer:

    The amount of stock specified will be automatically deducted from the origin warehouse and will appear in the destination warehouse, just as if you had created waybills

  6. Click "Transfer Stock"

Check stock movements by clicking on "Stock history" in the product file, under "Latest transactions"

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