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Advanced warehouse management
Advanced warehouse management

Consult or export stock, change your default warehouse or delete one of your warehouses

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1. Consult the stock of a warehouse

To view stock information for a warehouse, follow these steps:

  1. Under Stores, click "Manage".

  2. Click on the store you want to consult.

  3. In the "Summary" tab, display the basic information:

    • Information: address, city, country, email, telephone, and warehouse code.

    • Total Products: the total number of products in the warehouse.

    • Total Units: the number of product units in the warehouse.

    • Stock: graph with information on the amount of stock throughout the year.

    • Location: map with the exact location of the warehouse.

  4. In the "Products" tab, view stock information by product type:

  5. Also in the "Products" tab, you can use the "Filters" to view in detail the characteristics of the products in your store:

    • Created: the date the product was created on the platform (Last week, Last 30 days, Current month or Current year).

    • Stock: product availability.

    • Stock alarm: the presence of a stock alarm active.

    • Tracking: on type of product, that is, single, with variants, with lots, with serial numbers, or pack of products.

    • Product Categories: The groups of characteristics that allow you to organize and filter your products. For example, the category material with values such as cotton and linen.

    • Group of variants: the variant groups that you have created. For example, size or color.

    • Subtotal: the sales price without tax (or tax base). You can choose between: Greater than, Less than, or Equal to the indicated amount.

    • Cost: the purchase price without tax.

    • Archived: the archived status.

2. Export stock from a warehouse

  1. Go to Inventory > Control Panel, and under "Stores", click "Manage".

  2. Click on the store you want to consult.

  3. Within the store tab, go to the "Products" tab.

  4. Click on the three dots button, and choose whether you want to export the stock in Excel or PDF:

3. Choose your main warehouse

  1. Go to Inventory > Control panel, and under Stores, click "Manage".

  2. Click on the store you want to consult.

  3. Inside the store tab, click "Edit".

  4. In the popup panel, check the "Mark as primary store" box:

  5. Hit the "Save" button.

4. Choose the default store for a product

  1. In the listing, click "New Product".

  2. Under "Stock management", check the "Manage stock" box.

  3. In the dropdown, choose the desired warehouse:

  4. Fill in the rest of the fields and click "Save".

Change the default store for a product:

  1. In the product line, click the three-dot button and select "Edit".

  2. Under "Stock management", choose the desired warehouse.

  3. Hit "Save".

To choose the default warehouse for your products or documents, you must first have created an additional one to the one that comes standard in your account.

5. Choosing the store for a document

The documents for which you can specify the warehouse are sales invoices, sales orders, purchase orders, and shipments:

  1. Create a new document or choose one of the documents mentioned above in the list of the corresponding sections.

  2. In the document line, click the three dots button and select "Edit".

  3. In the document tab, click the "Options" button at the top right, and the corresponding tab will open.

  4. Under "Origin", click the dropdown and choose a store.

  5. Close the Options tab and click "Save" on the document tab.

6. Delete a store

  1. Under Stores, click "Manage".

  2. Click on the store you want to remove.

  3. Inside the store tab, click "Edit".

  4. Hit the "Delete" button:

    ☝🏼 Remember that a warehouse that is marked as main cannot be deleted, nor can one that contains product units housed in it

💎 Remember that to use Stores and their functionalities, you need to activate the Inventory gem.

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