See the workload of your team members

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To see the workload of your team members, follow these steps:

  1. 💎 You will need to have the free Workload gem enabled in the Holded Store

  2. Query the information by columns:

    • Projects

      Here you can see the number of projects assigned to a given user. If you want a user to be included in a specific project:

      1. Go to Projects , and access the project in question

      2. Click the Settings button, and select "Members"

      3. If you want to add a user, click "Add members"

      4. Check the users you want to add and press "Invite"

      💡 Remember that in order to see the associated workload, projects have to be public

    • Tasks

      This column displays the number of tasks the user is assigned to. They are divided by status: To Do , Progress , and Done . To set task status:

      1. Go to Menu > Settings

      2. Under Projects, click "Preferences"

      3. Under Task States, edit or create a new one

      💡 Tasks must have a start date assigned to them to appear in this view

    • Estimated time

      The total estimated time that has been allocated to each task will appear here. You can add this information in the Estimated Time field of the tasks.

      📚 Learn here how to manage tasks on the platform

    • Entered time

      This column shows the Time Logs entered by the user in the tasks (the time logged must be approved to be displayed in this view). 📚 Learn more here about the time records in Holded

    • Time left

      In this column you will be able to consult the pending time to finish all the tasks assigned to the user.

    • Total capacity

      This shows the total hours the user can work. This information is fed from the working hours that the employee has been assigned by contract.

      ☝🏼 Make sure the employee is registered and has an assigned contract with working hours. Consult the Team section at our Academy to learn more

      💡 Total Capacity information will only be visible if the user has a role that includes employee access.

    • Progress

      Here is a progress bar in percentage that relates the Estimated Time to the Entered Time .

Filter and slice data in Workload

  • Use the dropdown on the top left to segment by task statuses ( All , To Do , In Progress , Finished )

  • Use "+ Filter" to filter by project

    You can also use the search bar to enter keywords, or use the time picker to enter specific dates

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