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Enter initial cash balance from a transaction
Enter initial cash balance from a transaction
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From the navigation bar, go to Accounting and select Journal. Once there, perform the following steps:

  1. Click New Seat .

  2. Keep the Seat Type as Pointing and the Seat Default.

  3. Enter the Date.

  4. In the Account column, select the account associated with your cash register in the first row. Click on the dropdown and enter the name of your box in the search engine to locate it quickly.

  5. In the Description field, write initial balance or another brief description that will help you identify this new entry and in the Must column, enter the initial balance that you want appear in the accounting register.

  6. In the second row, choose account No. 57000000 Cash, Euros from the search engine. Next, in the Credit column, enter the amount corresponding to the initial balance again. By carrying out this operation we prevent the new seat from becoming unbalanced.

  7. Click Save. And ready!

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