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Perform the opening and closing of cash and other cash movements
Perform the opening and closing of cash and other cash movements

Learn how to perform the basic opening and closing actions and what it implies at an accounting level.

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💎 To correctly use this functionality you will have to activate the Paid Gem Point of Sale, available at Holded Store , in addition to downloading the Holded POS app for tablets iOS or Android .

Perform cashier opening

  1. Log in with your account and access the store

  2. Select the box you need to open

  3. Click Open Cash Register

Perform cashier closing

When you close your cash register, the app will show you the amount of money billed during the day so you can confirm or write down the difference.

  1. Open the sidebar, by clicking the three-line menu (☰)

  2. Select Register

  3. Click Close Register

  4. Make the count of the amount billed

  5. Type the total in the correct field

  6. Confirm the operation

In case of discrepancy , to avoid an imbalance in your accounting, an entry will be generated that will record the difference.

Manually add or withdraw cash

In the event that, for whatever reason, you need to add or remove cash from your till, you can easily do so by following these steps

  1. Click on the Add or Remove


  2. Type the amount of money

  3. Click on More options if you need to select the bank account of origin or end of the transaction. If no bank account is selected, the corresponding entry will be created by default in the accounting account 555 Items pending application .

  4. Leave a note if necessary

  5. Confirm the action

If the movement of cash is between two cash registers , it is necessary to register in only one of them to avoid duplicate accounting entries.

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