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How invoice reminders work
How invoice reminders work

Speed up the collection of your invoices by sending automatic reminders.

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💎 To use this functionality activate the free Gem from the Holded store .

This functionality allows you to send personalized messages automatically whenever a sales invoice is pending or overdue , thus speeding up the collection process.

Sending parameters

You can create as many reminders as you want, and even as many messages for each language you use, but keep in mind that each message is sent only once to the email email address of the contact indicated on the invoice.

If the contact persons of a company have activated the option to receive emails in CC, they will also receive the reminder message.

The platform presents two types of main parameters to configure the sending of reminders:

  1. By specific invoice data
    You can choose that the reminder be sent for invoices that exceed, are less than, or equal to a certain amount , and containing a certain tag or language .

  2. By invoice date
    You can send the reminder before or after a certain number of days, depending on the due date of the invoice.

Create a reminder

  1. Go to Sales in the toolbar

  2. Open the three-dot ( ⋮ ) menu and select Reminders

  3. Click Create your first reminder

  4. Defines the conditions of amount, Tags and language

  5. Select the frequency of sending or add a custom one

  6. Customize the message that will be sent. To speed up writing you can use the dynamic words

  7. Click Save

  8. From the list, activate your reminder

Please note that reminders will not be sent for invoices with multiple due dates .

Send a test reminder

You can check that the information is correct by creating a test reminder.

  1. Click the three dots ( ⋮ ) button next to frequency preferences

  2. Select Submit Test

  3. Add an email to send the test reminder

  4. Click Submit

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