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Create and manage budgets
Create and manage budgets

Learn how to create your budgets and convert them into other documents.

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An estimate is a document that indicates the amount and the amount agreed upon for the sale of a good or service and that it has no validity until the client accepts and signs it.

Create a budget

  1. Opens Sales from the navigation bar

  2. Press the blue + button or the N key to create a new quote

  3. Follow the steps explained in this article .

Convert a quote to other documents

  1. From the listing, select your budget

  2. From its detailed view, click the Convert


  3. Select the option you need between Invoice , Sales receipt , Proforma , Purchase order sale , Delivery note or Purchase order

Edit, duplicate, or delete a quote

  1. From the listing , click the three-dot (⋮) menu to the right of the quote

  2. Click the action you need to perform

  3. Confirm the action

Export the list of your budgets

  1. Click download icon on the top right of your screen

  2. Select the export option that suits you best

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