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Product location and order preparation
Product location and order preparation

Add the location of your products to a purchase or sales order, and generate packing and picking lists that facilitate their preparation

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Add a product location to an order

Currently, you can include the location of your products in the warehouse on both sales orders and purchase orders. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Create a category called “Location”, and check the box “Show group in orders”:

  2. Next, assign it to your products, and complete its information:

  3. The category will appear in the Inventory View of your orders:

☝🏼 This option does not work for products that have multiple locations per warehouse, or products with variants with a different location for each variant

Create a packing or picking list of an order

The process picking is essential in order preparation in warehouses and has a significant impact on the productivity of the logistics chain. On the other hand, the packing refers to the process of packing or packaging products in preparation for shipment or transportation, including placement of labels, barcodes, and other types of tracking information.

To generate a packing/picking list of an order in Holded, follow these steps:

  1. Add the location of the products to a given order, as described in the previous section.

  2. Go to "Orders", and, in the tab of the purchase or sale order in question, select the  "Inventory view ", in the down-left corner.

  3. From the "Item List", use the two-column filter to check the box for the columns you need in your picking list: location, code bars, factory code, weight, etc.

  4. Export your picking list to Excel or PDF, using the export button:

    ☝🏼 Subsequently, you can add fields that do not appear in the Holded (for example, the number of packages) manually in Excel.

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