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What is the Inventory section?
What is the Inventory section?

Manage the complete cycle of your products, create purchase and sale orders, and control your stock

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📖 First days at Holded? Start with our Inventory Getting Started Guide

Inventory is a section of the platform that allows you to manage the complete cycle of your products and control your stock.

From this section, you will have a global view of your products, your stock, sales orders, purchase orders, and shipments, being able to access all Inventory functionalities from a single place.

There is the possibility of managing Inventory using the free package, or activating the Inventory and Manufacturing paid gems, which provide advanced functionalities that further improve management.

1. Basic inventory

Even without activating the Inventory or Manufacturing gems, Holded gives you basic tools to keep track of your products. Some of the features available are as follows:

  1. Product Registration: You can create and edit basic details of your products, such as their name, description, and price.

  2. Stock Control: It is possible to track current stock of products and make manual adjustments as necessary.

  3. Basic Reports: Holded allows you to generate simple reports on the status of your inventory, such as stock level and total value.

2. Inventory Gem

By activating the Inventory gem, you will unlock the control panel, from which you will have a global view of your products, your stock, sales orders, purchase orders, and purchase and sales shipments, being able to access all Inventory functionalities from a single place:

  • Sales orders.

  • Purchase orders.

  • Purchase and sales shipments.

  • Logistic stages (pipelines).

  • Multiple rates on your products.

  • Mass actions.

  • Stock adjustments.

  • Stock transfers.

  • Multiple warehouses.

  • Products with variants.

  • Product categories.

  • Lots and serial numbers.

  • Advanced reports.

  • Product scanning.

  • E-commerce stock synchronization.

  • Printing labels using barcode.

2.1. Product management

Although product management is included in the basic Holded plan, by activating the Inventory gem, you can take your management to the next level, managing warehouses, creating lots and serial numbers, product packs, organizing your products by categories and variants (sizes, colors and other features), and even scan and print your barcodes and labels.

This is useful for keeping more precise control of your products and their individual characteristics. Learn more in our article Products and their types.​​​

2.2. Warehouse management

Within the Warehouses section of the Control Panel you can create and edit warehouses, moving your products between them; modify the stock of your products, updating, adding or discounting units when creating your documents; or also manage your products individually or en masse using templates.

Learn more about warehouse management at Holded here.​​

2.3. Orders management

In the "Orders" section of the Control Panel, you can manage your purchase orders, your sales orders, and your purchase and sales shipments. This section is also integrated with other Holded functions, such as purchases and sales.

This allows you to manage your inventory more efficiently and accurately concerning business transactions.

Learn more in our articles about orders and shipments.

2.4. Operations

From the "Operations" section of the Control Panel, you can update the stock of several products simultaneously, generate files that contain printable labels with the barcode, move stock between warehouses automatically without creating delivery notes, or access the product import and update options.

2.5. Product properties

Product properties include categories, variant groups (for example, size and color), multiple rates for the same product, the logistical stages your shipments are in, as well as manufacturing stages in manufactured products.

Learn more in this article about product properties.

2.6. Stock management

The Inventory gem allows you to track your stock in real-time, making it easier to manage purchases, sales, and returns.

Additionally, you can set minimum stock thresholds to receive alerts and avoid running out of products, or choose a stock system for your products. Remember that if you choose an automatic stock system, the stock of your products will be intelligently discounted when creating invoices, orders, and delivery notes.

You can learn how to choose your stock system here.

2.7. Export your Inventory

Holded allows you to export all your Inventory information in PDF and Excel formats. You will be able to export your products, your purchase and sale orders, your delivery notes, and also your warehouses.

You can learn more about exporting your inventory here.

2.8. Advanced Inventory Reports

Inventory reports allow you to view aggregate data about your products and stock. This data comes from the information you have entered in sales invoices, sales orders, delivery notes, and stock adjustments. This way, you will be able to perform a detailed analysis of this particular aspect of your business.

Learn all about Inventory reports in this article.

3. Manufacturing Gem

The Manufacturing gem is a resource whose activation allows the management of the entire manufacturing process of manufactured products.

You will be able to add lists of materials to your products, create manufacturing orders, and consume materials in each production. To get the most out of it, you will need to have the Inventory gem activated.

Learn more about the manufactured products and their management.

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