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GoCardless: Direct debit statements
GoCardless: Direct debit statements
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Through the integration of GoCardless with Holded, you can know at all times the status of each of the direct debits generated via GoCardless. Each of these statuses are reported to Holded in real time.

Furthermore, from your list of invoices, you can view the status of each of the direct debits generated and their associated invoices through the filters. In the same way, from the list you can also see if any error has occurred.

Below, you will find details of the different statuses of the direct debits and their respective meaning. This will help you to analyse the evolution of direct debits, for example.

The statuses of direct debits via GoCardless, are:

  • Not set up: it has not been indicated on the invoice that it is to be collected via GoCardless.

  • In process: it has been indicated that the payment is to be collected via GoCardless.

  • Created: The payment has been created in your GoCardless dashboard, but has not yet been sent to the banking system for processing. Please note that the payment will be sent automatically before the collection date and that you can cancel payments as long as they are pending submission.

  • Confirmed: The customer's bank has confirmed that the payment has been successfully debited from your account. Once the payment has been confirmed, GoCardless will credit your registered account.

  • Cancelled: the payment has been cancelled before the collection date. No action will be taken on this payment. If you wish to retry this payment, we advise you to create a new payment for this customer or contact.

  • Cancelled: the customer/contact's bank has cancelled the chargeback request. This usually happens because the contact has requested it.

  • Sent: the payment has been sent to the banking system for processing, and can no longer be cancelled. If you still wish to cancel the payment at this stage, it is best to contact the bank to handle this request.

  • Failed: The payment has not been successfully debited from the customer's or contact's bank account. You can check the reason for this failure from your GoCardless dashboard or by reading the error message that accompanies this status from Holded.

  • Deposited: the payment has been credited by GoCardless to the account you have registered. Payments are usually generated in the morning and should arrive in your account in the afternoon. Please note that all times are approximate.

  • Returned: The payment has been returned to the customer's bank account in accordance with the direct debit rules. The customer's bank will take care of this at the customer's request.

  • Error: the payment order has not been created because some of the validations are not fulfilled.

Modifying the details of an invoice with direct debit collection

Invoices with this type of collection can be modified if their status is cancellable. However, if for any reason you modify an invoice with a non-cancellable status, Holded will show you a message to warn you that a new direct debit will be issued.

To modify the data, you have to:

  1. Go to Invoices from Sales in the navigation bar.

  2. Access the invoice you want to modify.

  3. From the three-dot menu (⋮), click on Edit.

  4. From the invoice editor, modify the data in the corresponding fields.

  5. Click on the Save button.

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