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Solving problems: retry direct debit via GoCardless
Solving problems: retry direct debit via GoCardless

How to re-launch the collection of one of my invoices with GoCardless.

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What is the problem?

I have not been able to collect one of my invoices via GoCardless, how can I re-apply for payment?

How to solve it

If there has been a problem with the direct debit payment via GoCardless:

  1. Go to the invoice list

  2. Access the options to edit the invoice with the direct debit set up via GoCardless.

  3. Change the due date

  4. Click Save

On the other hand, if you need to reconfigure the payment via GoCardless because you have previously cancelled it, go to the list of invoices and click Save:

  1. Access the invoice editing options from the three-dot menu (⋮).

  2. Re-check the box for charging via GoCardless

  3. Click Save

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