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Importing your team's payrolls
Importing your team's payrolls

Centralise all the information about the people in your company.

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First of all:

  1. Open the three-dot menu(⋮) on the top right hand side

  2. Select Import

  3. Or, alternatively, go to Menu>Import>Equipment

Import Payrolls

To carry out this process correctly, you have at your disposal a CSV/Excel template that you simply have to download, fill in and upload again to the platform.

1. Download the import template

  1. Open the import modal as explained above.

  2. Download the CSV/Excel template to view the import format

  3. Open the downloaded document to be able to work on it.

2. Fill in the template

Fill in the fields below. Those that are essential are marked with an asterisk (*).

Identity document*.

Write the employee's NIF so that he/she can identify himself/herself correctly.

Date dd/mm/yy*

Enter the date of issue of the payslip.


Add an explanatory text to identify the payroll in the payroll list.


The total amount paid

Salary Account (640)

Add the accounting account of group 640 to which you want the amount entered in the Wages column to be posted.

Total S.S.*.

The amount of S.S. payable by the company + S.S. payable by the worker

Total S.S. Account (476)

Specifies the accounting account of group 476 to which you want the amount entered in the Total S.S. column to be posted.

S.S. Expense Company*

The amount of S.S. payable by company

H.S. Expense Company Account (642)

Indicates the accounting account of group 642 to which you want the amount entered in the Company S.S. Expense column to be posted.


The income tax amount

IRPF Account (4751)

Enter the accounting account of group 4751 to which you want the amount entered in the Income Tax column to be posted.

Tags separated by -

Add the tags for analytical accounting

Amount of the payment

It is calculated as follows: (Salary + Company S.S. Expense) - (Total S.S. + IRPF) . By leaving this column empty, payrolls are imported without payments registered as pending.

Payment date*.

To register the payroll payment. Enter the payment date in order to be able to reconcile later the bank statement movement with the registered payment.

Payment account*

Indicates the accounting account of the bank you have previously created and assigned. The payment will be recorded in this bank for subsequent reconciliation.

Remember that you cannot import payroll documents as such into Holded, the imported information corresponds to the fields detailed above.

3. Upload the template information

  1. From Expenses>Payrolls, access the three-dot menu (⋮) again.

  2. Click on Import

  3. Click the Upload file button

  4. Select the spreadsheet with the completed fields that you have previously saved.

  5. Confirm the action

I would like to receive personalised help

If you would prefer our Import team to give you a hand with the preparation of your files, at Holded we have a team of experts who can advise you and carry out the import for you.

Our team will assist you with the preparation of your journal, sales and purchase invoices, contacts, accounts and products. They will also help you to detect errors, correct them and organise each of your files.

This will ensure that all your business information is transferred correctly and give you peace of mind that the import will be successful.

To find out more about the service and pricing, please contact us at [email protected].

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