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Register and manage payroll
Register and manage payroll

Create the payroll of your employees and centralize their accounting records.

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Holded offers you the option of generating payslips so that they are registered at an accounting level, in addition to being able to assign them to the employees that you have given high on the platform.

Create a payroll

  1. Click New Payroll or press the N


  2. Fill in the data about Employee, Date and Description

  3. In the line of the concept Salary , enter the total accrued in Amount

  4. In Total SS , indicate the amount of the SS paid by the company and the SS paid by the worker

  5. In Company SS Expense , add the SS amount paid by the company

  6. Enter the corresponding IRPF

  7. Add Tags

  8. The account assigned by default is 46500000 Remuneration pending payment . When registering the payroll, an entry is automatically generated in this account, and, once it is marked as paid, the entry will appear in the accounting account of the corresponding bank.

  9. Click Create

You can attach a copy of the payslip , since it is not possible to generate the document from Holded . The Mark as paid box is used to post the payroll payment and, once activated, you will have to select the date and bank account or gateway.

You can also create payroll from the section Team :

  1. Click Employees from Team

  2. Select the employee you want to assign payroll to

  3. In the side panel, click More

  4. Press the + button

  5. Choose the option Payroll

Record a payroll payment

  1. Select the payroll from the list

  2. From the Payments section, click Pay

  3. In Amount enter the amount to be paid. If you only pay a part, the pending amount will be assigned to the accounting account 465 - Remunerations pending payment

  4. In Date , select the payment date

  5. Select a bank or gateway account so that the payment can be reconciled correctly

  6. Press Save

Edit and delete a payroll

  1. Select the payroll from the list

  2. In the popup window, edit the necessary data and click Save . If you want to delete, press Delete

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