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Payfit: how to integrate it with Holded
Payfit: how to integrate it with Holded

Gather all the information of your payroll and expenses

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This integration allows you, on the one hand, to import to Holded the payslips generated in PayFit, and on the other hand, to export the list of your expenses from Holded to PayFit.

Integrate PayFit with Holded

1. Activate the integration

  1. Opens the Control Menu located in the upper right corner

  2. Select Holded Store

  3. In the integrations section, locate PayFit

  4. Press the Activate


2. Import payslips from PayFit to Holded

  1. Access your PayFit


  2. Make sure to include the following data in your PayFit column settings:

    1. Employee: Identity document corresponds to the Identity document in Holded and is essential to relate the payroll to the employee to whom it is assigned

    2. Salary: Total Gross Monthly [Global] refers to the Salary Gross Monthly


    3. SS: Total Employee SS Fee [Global] refers to the Employee SS Expenditure field and is needed to calculate the Total SS in Holded

    4. Personal Income Tax: Total Personal Income Tax Withholding [Global] corresponds to Personal Income Tax

    5. SS: Total Company SS Fee [Global] equals the Holded field Company SS Expenditure which is also used to calculate the Total SS

    6. Employee: trial period end date is the Date field of the payslip in Holded

  3. Download the payroll list in Excel


  4. In Holded, go to Payroll from Expenses

  5. Open the three-dot menu and select Payfit import

  6. Select or drag the file with the payslips in Excel format

  7. In the PayFit Payroll popup, confirm that the imported columns match the fields above

  8. Confirm the action

3. Export expenses from Holded to PayFit

  1. From the toolbar in Holded, go to Expenses

  2. Go to the three-dot menu in the upper right corner

  3. Click PayFit Export

  4. Access your PayFit account and import the Excel file you downloaded

Remember that the list of expenses extracted from Holded in Excel format only includes purchases with retention .

Disable integration with PayFit

  1. Go to the Menu located in the upper right corner

  2. Select the Holded Store

  3. Click on PayFit

  4. Press Deactivate

  5. Confirm the action

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