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Solving problems: displaying the Holded page
Solving problems: displaying the Holded page

Difficulties accessing the Holded website

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What is the problem?

The Holded page does not load or gives an error message such as 404, 403, "Refreshing", "This page cannot load", or something similar. There are a few possible reasons and solving it is very easy.

How to solve it

After checking that the Holded address you typed in is correct, i.e. https://app., check the most common reasons that prevent web pages from loading. It is almost certain that one of the points below will allow the Holded page to be displayed normally again.

Check your Internet connection

Check your Internet connection by performing a search with any browser. If you get an error page, this indicates that the problem is with your connection. Go back to Holded when you have been able to re-establish it.

Clearing your browser's cache and cookies

Browsers generally use cache and cookies to store information from visited websites. Clearing them usually solves typical problems such as page loading, so we suggest you start here.

The process of deleting cookies and cache is different in different browsers. Follow the step-by-step instructions on your browser's support website:

Use the latest version of your browser

Although Holded recommends using Chrome, our platform is compatible with your favourite browsers. It's a good idea to have the latest version of each browser installed, so we've provided a link to update it below:

Use the latest version of your operating system

The operating system must be updated to the latest version on the device from which you are connecting to Holded, whether it is a phone, PC or tablet.

In the following links you will find instructions from the official developers for updating the main operating systems:

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