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Automate your accounting accounts
Automate your accounting accounts

The default accounting accounts will help you record the economic transactions of your business without repeating steps or tasks.

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In Holded, the default ledger accounts are those that are automatically associated with contacts, sales, purchases, treasury , stores or points of sale.

If you create a contact, for example, you can associate a default accounting account or create a specific account for him. In this way, when registering a movement of that contact, the account information will be included, it will be registered automatically.

How to associate the default ledger accounts

The procedure to associate accounting accounts is common to all Holded sections and is done from Menu > Settings .

Once you are in Settings, click on Default Accounts in the Accounting section and select the options that suit your needs.

Some key clarifications

  • Accounts for registering customer movements start with 4300.

  • Accounts for registering supplier movements start with 4000.

  • Check that the account assigned to your sales or expenses is the one you prefer. By default, account No. 7000000 will be assigned to Sales and No. 6000000 to Expenses.

  • In Treasury, check the boxes to create an account for each bank, box, card and payment gateway. Remember that within the Banks configuration you can change the accounting accounts associated with each element whenever you want.

  • In Inventory, choose between using the same account for your stores or create a specific one for each of them.

  • If you prefer to uncheck the option to create an account for each warehouse in the Inventory section, select the ledger account to record Stocks (No. 300).

  • The option to create a stock variation entry in the Inventory section will help you discount the cost of your sales and see the actual result in the Loss and Profits.

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