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Billing configuration
Include payment methods in your invoices
Include payment methods in your invoices

Create payment methods so that they are visible in your sales documents.

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  1. Open the Menu in the upper right corner

In this section you can only configure the payment methods that you want to include in your sales documents, or associate to your contacts. In addition, you will have the option to link each payment method to specific accounts of Banks .

Add your bank or cash account

By default, there will be two payment methods already generated: one for Bank Transfer and one for Cash Payment . You can both edit each of these options, delete them and add others.

  1. Click + Add payment method

  2. The field Internal name serves to internally identify the payment method

  3. Writes a Text that will be visible in your document

  4. Under Bank, associate one of your bank accounts with this payment method

  5. Activate the option to include IBAN if you have customers with direct debit

  6. Add a Due Date

To set a default payment method for your documents, simply open the three-dot menu (⋮) next to it and select Set as Default Method .

Add your online payment gateway

Holded allows you to associate various online payment systems with your documents, including Stripe , Paypal , Square and GoCardless. You will need to log in to the gateway account in order to carry out the connection process.

  1. Click the Connect button, right next to the gateway

  2. You will be redirected to the web page of the gateway you selected

  3. Select the account you want to connect

If you need to disconnect a gateway, click Configure and then Disconnect .

Link your gateways with bank accounts

Once you have configured the gateways, you will have to associate them with one of the accounts you have created in Banks. This will allow payment entries to be automatically associated with the bank's ledger account, thus avoiding manual steps.

  1. Click the Configure button next to the gateway

  2. Opens the Bank

    dropdown menu

  3. Select the account bank you want to list

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