Manage variant groups

Create groups like "Pants" or "Clothing" that encompass all eligible product options within a common context

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Create a variant group

To create a group of variants in Holded follow these steps:

  1. Under "Inventory," select "Product Settings."

  2. Locate the "Variant Groups" section, and click on "+ New Variant Group".

  3. Give the group a name (for example, Shoes, Clothing, etc.).

  4. In "Field", name the set of options (for example, Size, Color, etc.).

  5. Under "Type", choose to check:

    • Text / Number, if you need an empty text field to fill in for each product.

    • Options, if you need to specify a value that the set can take within a group of predefined values ​​(for example, "Black", "Blue", "White"). Write a value, and press "Enter" to save it; or delete with your keyboard if you want to delete any.

  6. If you need more option sets within the group, click "+ Add field".

  7. Press the "Save" button to finish.

☝🏼 When you click on New group, you will see that Suggestions appear at the bottom of the panel: (Clothes, Footwear, Drinks, etc.). Click on them to automatically create different option sets for the variant groups mentioned above.

💎 Activate the Inventory payment gem in the Holded Store to use variant groups.

Edit a variant group

  1. Under "Inventory", select "Product Settings".

  2. Under "Variant Groups", choose one of the groups that appear in the list.​

  3. In the group panel, apply the changes you need.

  4. Click "Save."

Delete a variant group

  1. Under "Inventory," select "Product Settings."

  2. Under "Variant Groups", choose one of the groups that appear in the list.

  3. Select "Delete" and confirm the action.

Assign an existing variant group to a product

You can create or assign a previously created group of variants to any product. Learn how to do it here.

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