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Archive or delete ledger accounts
Archive or delete ledger accounts

From the Chart of Accounts, you will be able to manage your accounting accounts and follow the accounting of your business in real time.

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The ledger accounts are entered in the Chart of Accounts. Anytime you need to archive or delete an account, go to Accounting > Chart accounts .

accounts with a balance are listed within the Chart of Accounts, while accounts with no balance or in disuse are typically archived.

If you want to archive a ledger account with a balance , follow these steps:

  1. Find the ledger account you want to archive in the Chart of Accounts.

  2. Check the box or click the cogwheel at the end of the account line.

  3. Loops over Archive and confirms the action.

In case you want to archive several ledger accounts with no balance at the same time , you can do it like this:

  1. Applies the Show All filter.

  2. Choose the accounts with no balance to archive.

  3. Click on Archive at the bottom left of the screen.

  4. Click on Apply to confirm the action.

And finally, if you need to delete an accounting account , select the account, click on the Delete button in the bottom of your screen and confirm the action.

Note that:

  • You will only be able to delete ledger accounts with no outstanding balances.

  • Archived accounts are deleted as long as they have no outstanding balance.

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