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Tag and track your products using tags

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Holded allows you to print the barcode and create labels for your products:

  1. Access Inventory > Products , in the navigation bar

  2. Click on a product

    💡 Alternate path: Inventory > Control Panel > Operations > Print Barcodes

  3. In the document viewer, tap the three dots button ( ⋮ )

  4. Select "Print barcode"

  5. Provides the following information:

    • Product: select it using the search engine

    • Quantity: the number of tags to include in the download file

    • Label format: the layout of the label for the barcode. Except CSV format, all other formats will be downloaded as PDF:

    • Barcode format: the type of barcode related to the supported characters and the length between: Code 128 Auto, EAN-8, EAN-13 , UPC-A

    • Text to display 1: the first additional field that will appear in the label between: Name, SKU and Factory Code

    • Text to display 2: the second additional field that will appear on the label among: Name, SKU, Price and Factory Code

      Most label printers use the CSV format to read the information and generate the labels

  6. Click "Print" and you will get the download file

Barcode Format


Allowed characters




8 digits



13 digits



12 digits

Code 128 Auto

0123456789!"#$%&''()*+,-./:; ?@[\]^_` {|} [Space character]ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ

Variable with no fixed length

💎 Activate the gem the Inventory gem from the Holded Store to print barcode labels

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