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Whether you have one store or several warehouses, Holded helps you keep track of your product inventory in a simple way, according to your needs.

💎 Activate the gem Inventory to access the following options

1. Choose stock system

Choose between an automatic stock system and a simple one. Both are based on using the platform docs:

  • Automatic stock system
    The automatic stock system is the default system in Holded and intelligently subtracts stock from your invoices, orders and waybills, giving preference to their creation date.

  • Simple Stock System
    The Simple Stock System allows you to manage stock operations more easily, without automatically subtracting from orders and waybills.

2. Manage the stock of your products

There are two methods to manage the stock of your products:

  • From the platform
    Manage your inventory directly on the platform, easily viewing and applying stock changes to your products. There are two ways:

    • From the product file : update the stock of a single product

    • From the product selector : massively update the stock of several products at once

  • Through Excel
    If you intend to import products to Holded through our Excel template, you can take the opportunity to include the initial stock of each of your products.

    Use this option only when importing products for the first time. If you already have the products registered in Holded and you import them again, they will be duplicated

3. Manage your warehouses

When you create your account, a default warehouse with the same name as your company will be automatically created. However, you can create as many warehouses as you need, move stock between them and select the origin warehouse to ship your products. Manage them from the Warehouses , of the Inventory Control Panel .

4. Scan products and print labels

Barcode scanner labeling has become widespread in most businesses. This system, combined with an ERP like Holded, offers great advantages, facilitating traceability, picking and inventory of your products, also speeding up their labeling and subsequent reading when working with them.

Holded's Scan Products functionality also allows you to automatically connect your products with the platform's documents.

In order to scan, you will need to assign a barcode to your products during the creation process and have a barcode scanner.

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