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Automate the SII fields in your sales and purchase invoices
Automate the SII fields in your sales and purchase invoices

Learn how to automate key values.

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💎 The SII is included in the Standard , Advanced and Premium plans. In order to access this functionality, activate the Paid Gem from the Holded Store .

In order for some SII values to be automatically filled in your sales documents, you will need to set up a series of rules.

  1. Go to the Configure default values section, from Compliance

  2. Click Add New Rule

  3. Enter a name for the rule

  4. In Section , select Sales or Purchases depending on what you need

  5. Specifies the country for which these rules will take effect. If you want to include all the countries of the European Union, select the option Intra-community billing countries , or Countries not included in intra-community billing , for those outside the EU. This will prevent you from having to enter them one by one.

  6. Press Configure

Indicates the values for the following fields:


  • ID type
    Select the type of contact identification

  • Operation key
    Specifies the operation regime

  • Type of operation
    Indicates whether it is the delivery of goods or services

Invoice data

  • Description of the operation
    Holded will use the information you have entered in the invoice concept to automatically complete this field. You have the option to modify it, if you wish.

Information per item

  • Per item

    Holded will use the data entered in the lines of your invoice to directly fill in the fields Concept , Subtotal , Taxes , VAT rate , R.Eq rate . In the case of VAT , the tax added to the invoice will be taken into account to automatically inform if it is Exempt, Not exempt , or Not subject . However, the Cause does have to be manually specified using the dropdown.

Once all the steps are complete, click Save .

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