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Create and manage an e-invoice
Create and manage an e-invoice

Follow all the necessary steps to correctly invoice the Public Administrations.

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An electronic invoice is a legal document that is generated and received in electronic format and is required for all providers of Public Administrations. Follow the steps below to create , download and send your e-invoices.

If you have any further questions about electronic invoices, consult this informative brochure .

1. Create an electronic invoice

  1. Create a sales invoice as explained here

  2. Click Options

  3. Select E-invoice Fields

  4. Fill in the fields below

  5. Click on Save

E-invoice fields

Required data varies depending on the receiving organization . Those fields marked with * will be provided to you by the relevant Public Administration.

  • Issuer contract: Issuer contract reference

  • Issuer contract date: Issuer contract date

  • *Sender Operation: Reference of the Operation, Order Number, Contract, etc. Issuer

  • *Recipient contract: Recipient contract reference

  • *Recipient contract: Recipient contract reference

  • *Receiver transaction: Transaction reference, Order number, Contract, etc. of the Receiver

  • Receiver operation date: Date of the Operation, Order, Contract, etc., of the Recipient

  • *File: File reference

  • File date: File date

  • Delivery note number: Reference number of the waybill

  • Delivery note date: Delivery note date

  • Billing start date: Billing period start date

  • Billing end date: Billing period end date

  • Order line: Order line or sequence number

  • Legal text: Additional legal text

  • *Accounting office: Public administration registration or processing office

  • *Management body: Delegation or body of the competent administration

  • *Processing Unit: Body in charge of processing the file

    Digitizing agent (digital KIT)

    To add your information as Digitizing Agent of the Digital KIT , you will have to fill in the following fields:

  • *Service start date: Write the start date of your service

  • *Service end date: Write the end date of your service

  • *Subsidized amount: Enter the total amount awarded

  • Additional information: This field will be filled in automatically

2. Download the electronic invoice

  1. Select your invoice from the listing

  2. Click the three-dot button

  3. Select E-invoice

A file will be downloaded to your computer in XML b> format officially recognized by the Spanish government. This is the file that you will have to upload to the website of the relevant body.

3. Sign the electronic invoice

To sign electronic invoices you will need to use an electronic certificate not yet available in Holded, you can find more information here .

Therefore, you will have to:

  1. Download the program Government Self-Signature

  2. Sign the electronic invoice

4. Send the electronic invoice to the Public Administrations

  1. Access the website of the relevant body

  2. Upload the . xml that you have downloaded

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