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What is the Holded POS?
What is the Holded POS?

Discover how to carry out a comprehensive management of your physical sales.

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💎 To correctly use this functionality you will have to activate the Paid Gem Point of Sale, available at Holded Store , in addition to downloading the Holded POS app for tablets iOS or Android .

The Holded POS is the system that allows you to manage stores, tills, products and warehouses to make sales in your physical stores. It consists of two parts: a section on the Holded platform, called Point of Sale , and an application POS for tablets.

Point of sale

It is the section in the Holded platform where you will have to create the profile of your store and add all the information about boxes and accounts bank accounts, manage the reference warehouse, link your products and their inventory, as well as configure the accounting accounts.

App Holded POS

With the app, available at Apple Store or Google Play Store , you will perform all your sales, and you will manage receipts and refunds, in addition to the information about your customers.

What are the necessary requirements?

By activating the Point of Sale Gem you will automatically have the right to manage multiple warehouses, while if what you need is advanced inventory management with, for example, products with lots, you will need to activate the Paid Gem Inventory .

The Holded POS application needs some technical requirements to be installed and used correctly: the version of the operating system of your tablet has to be from 12.5 onwards for iOS, while for Android it will have to be from Android 23 (Marshmallow).

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