Make a sale in the POS app

Learn how to carry out one of the most important aspects of your store and discover how to apply discounts.

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💎 To correctly use this functionality you will have to activate the Paid Gem Point of Sale, available at Holded Store , in addition to downloading the Holded POS app for tablets iOS or Android .

Each sale you record discounts the stock in the warehouse linked to your store, generates a simplified invoice and its entry accounting related.

  1. Open the sidebar of the application by clicking on the three line menu (☰)

  2. Select New Sale

  3. Add the products to the cart . You can modify the price if necessary.

  4. Click on Charge

  5. Select the method of payment

  6. Write the amount received

  7. Confirm the payment

  8. Print the receipt or send it to the customer

You can pause a sale in progress and make another without losing any information, while if delete a sale the data will not they can be recovered.

The available payment methods depend on the configuration of your checkout on the platform, to enable payments with Card bank account in your Holded account.

Apply discounts

You can apply discounts on individual items or on the total of a sale.

Item discount

  1. Click on the article to access its details

  2. Select Discount

  3. Write the value of the discount

  4. Saves the operation

Discount on a total

  1. Add items to cart

  2. Expand the cart options by clicking on the arrow just above the Checkout


  3. Select Discount

  4. Type the value of the discount

  5. Confirm the operation

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