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Partner Programme: Getting Started Guide
Partner Programme: Getting Started Guide

Collaborate with your customers with the help of Holded and the Partner programme.

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1. Create a Holded account of type Management/Consultancy

Create a Holded account and select the Management/Consulting option.

  1. Log in to Holded and click on Register on the top right hand side

  2. Enter your contact details

  3. Select Consultancy/Advisory and fill in the fields with full details

  4. Click on Create account

2. Apply for access to the Partner Programme

The Partners programme allows you to digitise the processes of your consultancy, as well as expand your portfolio through the private Marketplace and the public directory.

  1. Go to Advisory Services from the navigation bar.

  2. Click on the Send request button

  3. Confirm the operation

The preconditions for acceptance are: to have a consultancy type Holded account, to comply with the subscription payment and to be an agency, consultancy or external CF.

3. Complete your profile

Once your application to join the Partner programme has been accepted , you will need to complete your profile to be listed in the private Marketplace and in the public directory.

  1. Click on the Complete profile button

  2. The Profile window will open where you can add all the necessary details.

  3. When you have completed the available fields, click on Submit

Please note that before being published, your profile will need to be reviewed. Also, each change you apply will go through a new review process.

4. Assign a role to your managers

To be able to manage customer accounts, it is essential to have a specific role . Therefore, you will have to invite the employees of your consultancy to your Holded account and assign them either the predefined role of Administrator or Account Manager.

  1. From the Menu, click Settings>Account>Users

  2. Click on the Invite users button at the top right of your screen.

  3. Type in the email address of the person you want to invite

  4. Select the role you want to assign

  5. Click on Invite

5. Manage requests and accept a collaboration

After a Holded user has found your consultancy on the Marketplace, they can send you a message and finally ask you to collaborate. To start this collaboration, you simply have to accept their request.

  1. Go to the Requests tab

  2. Select the conversation

  3. Click on Accept collaboration

  4. Confirm the action

6. Ask the client for access to their account

Once the collaboration request has been accepted, your new client will need to grant you access to their account in order to start collaborating actively. Share the steps below with your client or show them this video:

  1. Open the conversation from the My Advice toolbar.

  2. Click on the Grant access button in the top right hand corner

  3. Select the role from the available roles

  4. Save

7. Configure the KPI notifications

The KPIs indicate the volume of pending activities for each client account. You can configure whether to display notifications for all available KPIs or only for the ones that are most useful to you.

  1. Click on the cogwheel in the last column.

  2. Select for which type of activities you want to receive notifications

  3. Click on Save

8. Assign an account manager

Each customer account can have one or more people in charge of managing their tasks and pending activities. Simply select their profile and assign them.

  1. Select the client account

  2. In the Account managers section, click Add

  3. Select the people you want to assign to the account

  4. Click on Confirm

9. Access your client's Holded account

Log in to your customer's account to find out the general status of your customer's business. Depending on their subscription plan and the roles and permissions they have granted you, you may have full or partial access.

  1. Select the client account

  2. Click on Log in to account at the top right of your screen

  3. Or, if you prefer, click on the icon shown in this image:

10. Complete a pending task

As with the account login, you will only be able to see the pending activities that your client has chosen to share with you.

  1. Select the client account

  2. View the details of pending activities by section

  3. To carry out a task, click on the Go to button in the relevant section, such as Go to journal.

11. End a collaboration

Once a collaboration has ended, you will lose all access to your client's account.

  1. Select the client account

  2. Open the three-dot menu (⋮) in the top right-hand corner

  3. Select End collaboration

  4. Confirm the action

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