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Set up taxes by country
Set up taxes by country

If you have the Premium plan, you can now configure and define the taxes to be submitted through the One-Stop Shop (OSS).

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From 2021, if you trade goods and services within the European Union (EU), it is mandatory to make a quarterly electronic VAT return through the One Stop Shop system.

The One Stop Shop (OSS) is an EU system that promotes trade within the region and facilitates the submission of VAT through a single quarterly electronic return. It is intended for businesses or professionals making sales to final consumers of goods and services in excess of €10,000 per year.

To register and automate these taxes in Holded, you have to:

  1. Access the Menu and click on Configuration.

  2. Under Invoicing, click on Taxes.

    Note that from this panel, you will be able to add taxes by country (OSS), manage groups, add a new tax and edit taxes from the table.

  3. Click on Taxes by country (OSS).

  4. Finally, a panel will open from which you can:

    • associate a country and a VAT percentage to a tax,

    • link your e-commerce with the taxes already created,

    • delete the country or taxes that you do not use, and

    • edit the tax characteristics according to your preferences.

Some tips for configuring taxes by country

  1. The tax rates in some countries may coincide with the tax rates in Spain. Therefore, if you make OSS sales and domestic sales, it is advisable that you also generate the country tax for Spain and assign the corresponding VAT. Otherwise, these taxes will not be identified correctly.

  2. Remember that taxes related to the One Stop Shop system must be reported in the SII, Ticket BAI and VAT forms 303 and 390.

  3. If you use the integrations with A3 and Sage, the taxes you include via the Taxes by country button will also appear in the files to be exported.

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