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How the Partner Program works
How the Partner Program works

Discover all the benefits available for your advice.

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The partner program allows you digitize your consultancy processes by managing all your clients through our platform, as well as taking advantage of the opportunity to expand your portfolio with the Marketplace and the public directory.

After submitting the application, your professional profile will be reviewed and approved by one of our experts who will be in charge of following your first steps in Holded, helping you in every aspect of the process.

How it works

  1. Create your profile and advertise in the Marketplace and in the public directory
    The Holded Marketplace is designed to make it easy to find between our users and the consultancies: your consultancy will be visible to all those Holded clients who seek to streamline the management of their tasks. In addition, you have the option of being listed in our public directory, visible on the official Holded website.

  2. Interact with potential clients
    After having found the profile of your consultancy in the Marketplace, Holded users will be able to send you messages with their queries and doubts at through a specific chat. You will be able to decide when and how to start a collaboration to manage your account.

  3. Manage your clients' accounts
    Once you have access to your client's account, you can choose and assign one or more managers and, depending on the type of role and permissions granted by the client, carry out their pending administrative tasks.

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