Integrate Holded with Sage

In a few clicks, you will transfer the information of your Holded account, defining the type of documents, period and number of digits.

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In the case of integrating your Holded account with the Sage software, the first thing you should know is that the information you already have in your account will be linked through a file compatible with said software.

So, the integration process consists of exporting your account information and linking it to the other software.

Currently, in Holded there are two options for exporting the information. On the one hand, there is the option of exporting income, and on the other, that of exporting expenses.

  • The option to export income will allow you to transfer the income that is in the list of your sales invoices, excluding those entries entered manually .

  • The option to export purchases , on the other hand, will help you export the expenses and assets noted in the list of your expenses, excluding those entries entered manually.

Finally, it is important to note that you will be able to choose a specific date range for each export option and define the number of digits for your ledger accounts. Also, by default, the file format will be .xls and you can rename it as you prefer.

How to integrate?

The five steps to perform this integration are:

  1. From the Menu, access the Holded Store .

  2. Once there, access the list of integrations and click on Sage.

  3. Click on Activate , first, and on Go to functionality , after.

  4. Select the type of export you want to perform, indicate the range of dates and the number of digits for accounting accounts.

  5. Click Download . And, within a few seconds, you will have the file in .xsl format ready to share with the other software.

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