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Project sub-task management
Project sub-task management

Create, edit, reorder, complete or delete subtasks

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Create subtasks using checklists

Tasks are an essential part of your projects in Holded, and in many cases they will likely consist of different subtasks that you want to keep track of. Follow these steps to generate checklists within them:

  1. Enter the task where you want to create the checklist with subtasks

  2. Click on "Checklist" at the bottom right of the popup window:

  3. Click "+ Create", in the 'CHECKLIST' section, enabled under the task description:

  4. Enter the name of the subtask, and click "Save" or press Enter:

Edit Subtasks

To edit the name of a subtask, click on it, edit the field, and press "Save" or the "Enter" key:

Mark subtasks as complete

To mark a subtask as complete, click the circle (check) to the left of it. As you complete subtasks, the top bar will add up the percentages complete:

💡 You can use the option 'Hide / Show completed tasks', which you will find above your checklist, to show or not those subtasks that you're done

Change subtasks order

To change the order of the subtasks, use the double arrow icons to the left of the arrow and drag it in the desired direction:

Delete subtasks

To delete subtasks, simply hover your mouse over the subtask, and click the trash can icon:

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