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What is the Projects section?
What is the Projects section?

Create and manage projects efficiently

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New to Holded? Follow our Projects Getting Started guide to get started.

What can you do from the Projects section?

The Projects section of Holded gives you all the tools you need to plan, organise and manage your projects efficiently, allowing teams to work collaboratively and meet set objectives.

Some of the things you can do from this section are:

  • Create projects: you can create new projects and assign them a name, a description, a project leader and a team.

  • Assign tasks: you can assign specific tasks to team members and set deadlines for their completion.

  • Project tracking: you can track the progress of projects in real time and see who is working on which task, when it was completed and if there are any problems.

  • Collaboration: you can collaborate with other team members on the project, share documents and discuss project details on a centralised platform.

  • Comments and notes: you can leave comments and notes on tasks to clarify doubts or point out problems.

  • Integrations: you can integrate your projects with other tools such as Google Drive, etc.

  • Analysis: You can analyse your project data, from time spent to costs, to get a better understanding of your projects.

Projects are organised using templates, lists and tasks. The templates contain lists that organise the phases of the workflow, and each of these lists includes the tasks covered in each phase.

1. Projects

2. Project tasks

3. Invoicing and budgeting

4. Time records

5. Forms

6. Reports

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