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Deconciliating a movement
Deconciliating a movement
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The Undo option is useful when you have made a mistake in reconciling a transaction and need to rectify it.

When undoing a reconciliation, it is important that you take into account the following scenarios:

  • If it is a reconciled movement via a document (invoice, amendment, etc.), the collection/payment accounting entry will indeed be removed.

  • If it is a movement reconciled through the option Relate to new document, the collection/payment accounting entry will not be deleted.

In order to unreconcile a movement, you have to:

  1. From the navigation bar, access Banks.

  2. Click on the Banks button located below the graphs .

  3. Choose the Banks account from which you are going to disconcile the transaction.

  4. Click on the Go to Reconciliation button.

  5. Under Bank Statement, select the Reconciled option from the dropdown to view those transactions that have already been reconciled against specific documents.

  6. Click on the relevant transaction.

  7. From the modal that will open on the right, locate the document to be reconciled.

  8. Click on the minus symbol to the right of it.

  9. Confirm the action.

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