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Consult the Book of Invoices issued
Consult the Book of Invoices issued

Your record of invoices issued

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First of all:

  1. See Analytics in the toolbar

  2. Select Reports

  3. Click Sales and then Issued invoice book in the sidebar

What is the Issued Invoice Book

This is an automated report where all the data about your issued invoices is collected.

You can export each section of the report in Excel or PDF, filter by Tags and choose which is the graphic display that best suits your needs, between the bar and the line. With the star icon you can mark the report as your favorite and see it as soon as you enter the Reports section.

Understand the data

You have the possibility to filter the information you need to consult by date, with a maximum time range of 12 months.

Book Issued invoices

This is the main category , where all the data related to issued invoices are gathered. In the list you will find these data:


The numerical order of the invoices; can be ascending or descending


The date the invoice was issued


The type of sales invoice


The numbering assigned to the sales document


The ledger account linked to the invoice


The recipient of the invoice

Book Issued invoices - cash criteria

This section includes the cash criteria per quarter with respect to the payment date that you have indicated on your invoice so that it is easier for you to know what they are the invoices to declare for each quarter.

Book invoices issued for taxes

In this section of the report you will find the data on your issued invoices, also including the monetary value of the taxes applied.

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