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Problem solving: calculating VAT on my invoice
Problem solving: calculating VAT on my invoice

There are cents difference between the total VAT and the invoice amount in Holded.

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What is the problem?

If you calculate the VAT on an issued invoice, taking into account the full taxable amount, and it does not match the VAT figure on the platform, it is simply because Holded uses a line rounding system. By using two different rounding systems, this can create discrepancies of a few cents.

How to resolve this

In Spain, invoicing obligations are regulated under Royal Decree 1619/2012, of 30 November, article 6, section f:

Description of the transactions, stating all the data necessary to determine the taxable base of the tax, as defined by Articles 78 and 79 of the Tax Law, corresponding to those transactions and their amount, including the unit price without tax of said transactions, as well as any discount or rebate that is not included in said unit price.

Considering this section, it is just as valid to determine the amounts of the taxable and VAT bases per line as it is to do so globally, and no system of preference rounding is established. Therefore, both systems are correct

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