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Model 200, what to consider?
Model 200, what to consider?
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Small, medium and large companies use this form to report the result obtained during the tax year - either profit or loss - and the tax payable, if applicable.

According to current regulations, entities resident in Spanish territory with their own legal personality, such as Public Limited Companies (SA), Limited Liability Companies (SL), Collective Companies, Labour Companies, among others, are obliged to file this form.

It should be clarified that entities declared totally exempt and partially exempt are not obliged to file this form. And a key point is that this form must be filed even if there has been no activity during the year, regardless of whether or not income subject to tax has been obtained.

If you want to access form 200, you have to:

  1. Go to the Accounting section and click on Taxes.

  2. In the Upcoming taxes panel, click on Show all.

  3. Access form 200.

Clarifications on the fields

  • Identification section: the fields related to NIF, company name, telephone and fiscal year are automatically completed with the data entered when setting up the account.

  • Declaration characters and Statement of accounts section: you can manually tick all the options and adjust the information you need.

  • Sections related to corporate data: the fields to indicate information on representatives, shareholdings, secretary, etc., can be completed manually, so that you have control of the information and can edit as necessary.

Clarifications on the boxes

  • Sections of the accounting reports: the Balance Sheet and the Profit and Loss account are automatically filled in with the accounting data in Holded. If you want to control the data, it is advisable to compare the information in the boxes of each section with the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss reports, located in the Analytical section in Holded.

Clarifications on the results

  • If the fee to be paid is positive, you can choose to pay by NRC or direct debit. Please note that the NRC is obtained by the customer.

  • If the fee to be paid is negative, you can select the refund to a specific bank account.

Tips to avoid mismatches

  • Check the amount in box 00326 in the "Profit and loss: Taxes on profits" account and transfer this amount to boxes 00301 or 00302 of the "Corrections for corporation tax" account, as appropriate.

  • If you make any adjustments in the sections "CLEARING I b) Details of adjustments to the profit and loss account result" or "CLEARING II a) Details of adjustments to the profit and loss account result (cont.)", you have to complete the details of this adjustment in the Data section page 26 and in the appropriate sub-section. This applies to both increases and decreases.

  • If your accounting result is positive, check if you have Limitation on deductibility of financial expenses to complete (Data page 20) and remember to complete the section on page 20 d) Appropriation of profit or loss.

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