Set compliance preferences

Enable the option to save your sales and purchase documents as a draft, among other things.

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  1. Opens the Menu top right

You can save your sales and purchasing documents as a draft so you can choose to approve an invoice immediately or edit it after .

By activating this modality, you will also have the option of being able to block approved sales invoices. Additionally, you can enable the revert approved preference, to return to the draft state within a maximum of 5 minutes after approval.

In this same section you can also configure the preferences for TicketBai and SII if you have the respective gems activated.

Enable draft sales mode

A draft, not only it will not be registered in your accounting nor will it have numbering, it will not appear in the different reports, A3 export or tax models, although, in case If you have a product, will discount stock .

  1. Flip the switch next to Draft Sales

At create an invoice, the Save as Draft button will appear.

Enable document lock mode

With this option your sales documents cannot be edited or deleted once approved.

  1. Enable Draft Sales

  2. Turn on the switch next to Block approved sales documents

At create an invoice, the Approve button will appear with a lock icon.

Enable revert approved mode

  1. H enable Draft Sales

  2. Turn on the switch next to Allow reverting approved

When approving an invoice, a button will appear in its detailed view to return to draft mode.

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