Project tasks

Plan and track project progress, assign responsibilities and resources, and define deadlines

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The project tasks in Holded are a project management tool for planning and tracking the progress of specific projects within the company.

Projects in Holded are organized by templates , lists and tasks . The templates contain lists that organize the phases of the workflow, and each of these lists includes the tasks covered by each phase.

Holded allows you to view all existing tasks and check which list they belong to in each of the different projects. In addition, you can easily check the status in which each of the tasks is, as well as if there are other relevant details such as start and delivery dates, comments, attached files, and to whom they are assigned.

What are "My Tasks"?

In My Tasks you can view all the tasks that have been assigned to you. You will also be able to segment the list of tasks in relation to the Project to which they belong, as well as the due date.

From My Tasks you also have the option to create new projects and import tasks.

What can you do with Tasks?

Configure Tasks

Manage Tasks

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