Holded's integration with A3
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Through this integration, you will be able to export your Holded data to a file compatible with A3 software. When exporting, you will be able to check when the last export was made and define a date range for each option in the file.

It is also worth remembering that, by default, the name and format of the file that will be downloaded from Holded is SUENLACE.DAT, so you will need a programme compatible with this format to view the information before uploading it to A3.

On the other hand, the export options available and their characteristics are detailed below:

  • Export all: allows you to export all your data, except manual or imported entries, such as invoices issued, sales receipts, expense invoices, payslips and their corresponding amendments.

  • Export income: allows you to export only the income from the list of your invoices. Imported or manual entries such as invoices issued, sales tickets and their corresponding amendments will not be exported.

  • Export expenses and assets: As for income, only those expenses and assets present in the list of your expenses will be exported. Imported or manual entries of the type received invoice (and amendment), expense or payroll will not be exported.

  • Export treasury: allows you to export the treasury present in your Payments and Collections list, including the imported or manual entries of the payment and collection type.

  • Export journal entries: allows you to export your manual or imported journal entries.

Finally, refer to this guide for more information on the data for each entry.

Steps to activate the integration

  1. Click on the Menu in the top right corner and click on Holded Store.

  2. Select Integrations, group by Accounting and click on A3.

  3. Click on Activate for free.

Steps to export your information

  1. Access the A3 integration from the Holded Store.

  2. Click on Go to functionality.

  3. Enter your A3 Identifier.

    Remember that the A3 Identifier is a unique 5-digit number, provided by Wolters Kluwer to each entity using the software.

  4. Select the export type.

  5. Select the date range you need. The system tells you which date range the last export corresponds to.

  6. Click on Save.

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