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Add and edit a customer in the POS app
Add and edit a customer in the POS app

Keep your customer directory up to date.

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💎 To correctly use this functionality you will have to activate the Paid Gem Point of Sale, available at Holded Store , in addition to downloading the Holded POS app for tablets iOS or Android .

Registering a customer's data is useful to keep your database up to date and to send them their receipts by email.

Add a customer

You can create a customer record while making a sale or from the Sales History. In any case, the steps to follow do not change:

  1. Click Add Customer

  2. If you have previously created a contact, type their name in the search bar and select it

  3. If you have not created it , click on the + (Create) icon

  4. Choose if it is a private person or a company

  5. Complete the sheet with all the details

  6. Click on Done

Edit a customer file

  1. Click Add Customer

  2. Type the name into the search bar

  3. Select it

  4. Open the edit modal by clicking on the customer's name

  5. Modifies the information

  6. Confirm the action

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