Integrate ShippyPro with Holded

Follow these steps to sync all ShippyPro information with Holded

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ShippyPro is a logistics tool that allows you to automate the printing of sales order labels in different formats and track your shipments.

By activating this integration, the data from your Holded sales orders will be synchronized every 15 minutes with your ShippyPro account. So you can print shipping labels quickly and efficiently.

Once the data for the labels is received, ShippyPro will send the order's shipping tracking number to your Holded account.

📚 To learn more about ShippyPro, check out their Documentation

Integrate Holded with ShippyPro

  1. Under "More", select "Developers"

  2. Click the button " + New API Key "

    Remember that if you have already created an API before, it will be listed for you to copy and a new one will not be necessary.

  3. Name the API key so it can be easily found

  4. Click "Save"

  5. Copy the alphanumeric code of the API Key from the respective column

  6. Sign in in ShippyPro:

  7. From the Marketplace , select Holded:

  8. Paste the API Key you generated previously into Holded

  9. If needed, check the box to mark orders as shipped

  10. Name the connection whatever suits you best:

  11. Click "Confirm"

  12. Top right, you can now see the connection to Holded

Through this integration, you will allow ShippyPro to receive data from Holded, but not the other way round.

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