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Integrate Sendcloud with Holded

Automate order shipments from your online store

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Sendcloud is a platform to automate order shipments to your customers. It will help you import the orders you receive through your online store, offer different carriers, and perform detailed monitoring of returns.

The integration allows you to receive information about your waybills generated in Holded in your Sendcloud account. In this way, you will be able to complete shipments and control returns.

📖 See Sendcloud documentation here.

Get API Key

  1. Click the "+ New API Key" button to create a new key.

    ☝🏼 If you have already created an API, it will be listed for you to copy. You don't need to generate a new.

  2. Assign a description to your API key.

  3. Click "Save" and you will see the API Key with its alphanumeric code.

  4. Copy the alphanumeric code of the API Key to continue with the integration.

Complete integration

  1. Go to Menu > Holded Store , and click "Integrations".

  2. Select "Sendcloud" and click "Connect and configure".

  3. On the integration page of Sendcloud , paste the generated API Key into Holded, write the name of your online store, and insert the URL and email.

  4. Click "Continue" to finish the integration.

☝🏼 Remember that through this integration you will allow Holded to send information to Sendcloud, while the information generated in Sendcloud will remain there.

After completing the integration, Sendcloud will automatically synchronize the information of the waybills created in the last 30 days from your Holded account. And, minute by minute, it will save the changes you make.

Keep in mind that the customer's shipping address must always appear on the waybill. In this way, Sendcloud will validate the address ID in Holded and create the orders. Also, keep in mind to include the weight of each order, so that the process will be completed correctly.

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